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AETHRIDAE - Aethra scruposa


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Category Crabs
Species Aethra scruposa
Locality Bohol. Balicasag Island. Philippines. Not recorded 2004
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 500748

Dive Point Information

Name Balicasag 1 Point.
Location Bohol. Balicasag Island. Philippines.
Date May 30, 2004
Latitude 9 31.302 N
Longitude 123 41.204 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience Not record
General Remarks Site World-famous Balicasag Island is one of the hot-spots for diving in the Philippines. The ?Crab-Island? is situated south of the tip of Panglao, southern Bohol in crystal clear waters. Its biggest assests are the spectacular drop-offs and the wealth in fishes. Search google for more information.
Facilities for Divers There is a governement resort on the Island, but most people stay in Panglao, Anilao Beach which has backpacker to multi-star hotels. The boats from hotels or dive-clubs take divers on daily trips (30 minutes) to Balicasag.
Type of Bottom The Island is surrounded by superb bottoms (except on front of the hotel), either steep slopes or spectacular drop-offs with caves. Good corals, gorgonians, super sand bottoms, etc...
Marine Life Plenty. Especially the variety in fishes is surprising. The Island became a sanctuary around 2000 and developed into a paradise. Big fish even in the shallows. Jacks, lapu-lapu, butterflies, millions of demoiselles... Along the drop-offs and in the caves big diversity, even in nudibranches.
Visibility In general very good: 15 to 40 m.
Currents Currents around the Island can be very violent: watch time-tables.
Level Beginners and recreational divers but should be accompagnied because of the often violent currents. Nightdives for professionals: the fish can be tricky and sharks are out in the night.