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MARIAMETRIDAE - Lamprometra palmata


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Category Feather stars
Species Lamprometra palmata
Locality Camotes Sea. Calangaman Island. Philippines. 15 m. 2004
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 905891

Dive Point Information

Name Calanggaman South Point.
Location Camotes Sea. Calangaman Island. Philippines.
Date October 20, 2004
Latitude 11 6.753 N
Longitude 124 14.984 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 15 m.
General Remarks Site Calangaman Island is a small Island siutated in the centre of sea between Cebu, Leyte and the Camotes. It is world famous for its fantastic sand bar at low tide, one of the most photogenic of the Philippines. There are no inhabitants, but two guards from the owner and a few fishermen using the Island as a base from time to time. No water.
Facilities for Divers None.
Type of Bottom Surrounded by nice pure white sand and coral boulders on most places. The dropoff on the northern side which we descended down to 20 m is very spectacular.
Marine Life Quite rich, beautiful, postcard style in the shallows. The drop-off very rich in life, many fish and soft corals. Small caves along the drop-off.
Visibility 30 m at the time of our dive.
Currents None at the time of our dive.
Level Beginners when no current. Ideal for recreaional divers. The drop-off is spectacular and beginners should be accompanied for this experience. People with vertigo should not try this drop-off.