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SCORPAENIDAE - Pterois volitans


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Category Fishes
Species Pterois volitans
Locality Negros Oriental. Apo Island. Dauin. Philippines. 19 m. 2004
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 906650

Dive Point Information

Name Apo Point.
Location Negros Oriental. Apo Island. Dauin. Philippines.
Date November 8, 2004
Latitude 9 4.396 N
Longitude 123 16.271 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 2 m.
General Remarks Site Very small volcanic Island, offshore Dumaguete, Negros Island, at about 1 hour from Dumaguete by boat.
Facilities for Divers There is a small hotel on the Island and a dive club. Boats from Dumaguete and elsewhere will take you there but the conditions are extreme: the boat needs autorisation and this is paperwork at 1 hour by car from Dumaguete before one can go to the Island.
Type of Bottom Sand with coral boulders, reefs all around the Island. Most of it are hard corals.
Marine Life Plenty of fish, also a few other classics: a big band of nemo?s in huge anemones, turtles and others. Good for fish not seen in the Bohol Sea.
Visibility Always clear: 20 m +
Currents Some places have heavy currents, changing with the tides all the time. Waves. Replacing the boat several times a day is a necessity.
Level Beginners and recreational when no current. Advanced and up for nightdives and drift dives.