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ALCYONIIDAE - Sarcophyton species


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Category Soft corals
Species Sarcophyton species
Common Name Mushroom Leather Coral
Locality Cebu. Olango Island. Sitio Suba. Sabang. Philippines. 33 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 909183

Dive Point Information

Name Ziczac Point.
Location Cebu. Olango Island. Sitio Suba. Sabang. Philippines.
Date January 16, 2005
Latitude 10 13.773 N
Longitude 124 3.407 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 27 m.
General Remarks Site Ziczac point is situated on the backside of Olango Island, not far from Pandakan Island. In front of the ?Suba bas bas? which crosses Olango Island - a kind of sandy river. There is a very broad, almost 1 km, shallow covered with green algae. Then a gentle slope down to 15 m and finally a spectacular drop-off.
Facilities for Divers Dive boats from Mactan Island will take you there on demand and for a premium.
Type of Bottom Big algae field, then clear coral sand between 6 and 8 m. Below rocks and gravel bottoms slowly sloping to 15 m. Vertical drop-off after that.
Marine Life Very plentifull because of the food generated by the river in front. One of the richest areas in the Visayas. Not beautiful. Great fishes, such as flashers seldom seen elsewhere. Many cowries and nudibranches. Great crabs and super gorgonians on the drop-off.
Visibility In the shallows usually limited to 10-15 m. On the drop-off in general over 30 m.
Currents Gentle in general, occasionally strong.
Level Recreational when accompanied. The slope is tricky, especially when around 15 m. Nightdives advanced.