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STICHODACTYLIDAE - Heteractis magnifica cf.


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Category Anemones
Species Heteractis magnifica cf.
Locality Bohol. Cabilao Island. Philippines. 20 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 909844

Dive Point Information

Name Cabilao Island Point.
Location Bohol. Cabilao Island. Philippines.
Date January 28, 2005
Latitude 9 53 7.07 N
Longitude 123 45 33.04 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience Not record
General Remarks Site Cabilao is situated off the western shore of Bohol from which it is separated by a narrow but deep channel. A paradise for divers who love nice scenery. 2 to 2 1/2 hours by boat from Mactan Island. The southern tip of the Island is one of the most spectacular Acropora-slopes in the Philippines.
Facilities for Divers There are 2 hotels on the Island, reservation is necessary, especially during the high season. The dive-boats from Mactan will take you there on daily trips.
Type of Bottom There is a small shallow and the drop-off usually starts between 6 and 12 m deep. Super coral growth: soft corals in the shallows, hard corals a little deeper.
Marine Life Extremely rich, but not in shells. Good in nudibranches. Night dives interesting.
Visibility In general very good: 15 to 35 m.
Currents Tricky: especially on the points of the Island.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.