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NERITIDAE - Neritina pulligera


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Category Shells
Species Neritina pulligera
Locality Siquijor. Cambuhaya Falls. Lazi. Philippines. 4 m. 2005
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 910572

Dive Point Information

Name Cambuhaya Falls.
Location Siquijor. Cambuhaya Falls. Lazi. Philippines.
Date February 12, 2005
Latitude 9 07 35.13 N
Longitude 123 40 16.65 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 4 m.
General Remarks Site Siquijor is a splendid Island situated between Negros, Bohol and Mindanao. Its waters are clear and rich in hard corals. The Island has several tourist attractions such as a superb tropical but artificial forest, falls, caves and others. The Cambuhaya Falls are a series of falls on a nice river, about 15 minutes by car from Lazi. There are small lakes after the falls.
Facilities for Divers None. Rent a car to get there.
Type of Bottom Few meters deep only, mud and gravel bottom, covered with a fine layer of dust.
Marine Life These falls contain a few species of fish, several species of molluscs: Thiaridae and Neritidae, a species of crab, a shrimp.
Visibility About 6 m.
Currents Take care just under the falls.
Level Beginners and recreational divers. Carefull near the falls.