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STICHOPODIDAE - Stichopus variegatus


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Category Sea cucumbers
Species Stichopus variegatus
Common Name Variegated Sea Cucumber
Locality Siquijor. San Juan. Philippines. 24 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 910958

Dive Point Information

Name Shower 1 Point.
Location Siquijor. San Juan. Philippines.
Date February 15, 2005
Latitude 9 8.158 N
Longitude 123 31.086 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 17 m.
General Remarks Site Siquijor is a splendid Island situated between Negros, Bohol and Mindanao. Its waters are clear and rich in hard corals. The Island has several tourist attractions such as a superb tropical but artificial forest, falls, caves and others. Shower Point is along the south coast.
Facilities for Divers None, but dive boats from Dumaguete and even Mactan will visit. There are a couple of hotels along the south coast, style tropical paradise.
Type of Bottom In the shallow brown algae, going over deeper into green algae, then fringing reef. At about 20-25 m starts a sloping sand bottom.
Marine Life Very good in fishes, few nudibranches, crabs. Plenty hard corals. In the shallows interesting molluscs, especially at 1 m deep. Conus miles, Cypraea caputserpentis, moneta and Stomatella.
Visibility Good to very good: 15 to 30 m.
Currents Occasionally violent, but most often weak.
Level Beginners and recreational divers with company of experts. Nightdives advanced.