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COMASTERIDAE - Comanthina nobilis


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Category Feather stars
Species Comanthina nobilis
Common Name Noble Feather Star
Locality Cebu. Mactan Island. Agus. Philippines. 33 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 912783

Dive Point Information

Name Hadsan 1 Point.
Location Cebu. Mactan Island. Agus. Philippines.
Date April 3, 2005
Latitude 10 16 38.86 N
Longitude 123 59 45.29 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 21 m.
General Remarks Site Hadsan is the name of a popular Philippino beach with facilities and a harbour. It is there that Guphil I has its base. In the harbour special marine life with a few fishes not seen elsewhere on the Island. Outside a 60 m wide shallow with algae growth down to 3 m, then rocks with corals and a drop-off that starts at 8 m. Quite vertical.
Facilities for Divers The dive boats from Mactan Island will take you there on demand.
Type of Bottom Algae fields with corals in the shallows. A lot of dead coral plenty of interesting marine life because of dynamite fishing. Drop-off with very interesting marine life.
Marine Life Super: one of the best places in the Visayas. Lots of crabs, nudibranches, fishes, corals etc.. mandarine fishes are common. Sea horses, pipe fishes, too much to name.
Visibility 6 m is the worst, average 12 m, on clear days 30 m.
Currents Between the tides currents can be very violent. Often drift dives.
Level Recreational when accompanied because of the currents. Advanced for nightdives.