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SALPIDAE - Salpa maxima


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Category Salps
Species Salpa maxima
Common Name Salp
Locality Cebu. Moalboal. Philippines. 9 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 915851

Dive Point Information

Name Casai Point.
Location Cebu. Moalboal. Philippines.
Date June 18, 2005
Latitude 9 55.604 N
Longitude 123 23.573 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 9 m.
General Remarks Site Moalboal is a renowned tourist spot along the southeast coast of Cebu. Lots of hotels and bars, good diving facilities. See google for more.
Facilities for Divers Plenty.
Type of Bottom Rocky, covered with corals, drop-off starts at 15 m.
Marine Life Rich, as well in fish as small animals. Drop-off quite poor.
Visibility 30 m. Very clear.
Currents Moderate.
Level Beginners and recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.