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SCARIDAE - Cetoscarus bicolor


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Category Fishes
Species Cetoscarus bicolor
Common Name Two-colour Parrotfish
Locality Leyte. Panaon Island. Pintuyan. Philippines. 14 m. 2005
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 922665

Dive Point Information

Name Pintuyan Point.
Location Leyte. Panaon Island. Pintuyan. Philippines.
Date December 7, 2005
Latitude 9 57.401 N
Longitude 125 13.183 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 1 m.
General Remarks Site Southern tip of the eastern side of the bay of Sogod, most southern point of what is called Leyte Island. Dramatic scenery of high steep mountains falling in the sea with a black sand beach below the rain of palm trees. Overall atmosphere heavy and great. Nice bay with a steep rock on the north side - having an eagle living there at the time of our visit.
Facilities for Divers None.
Type of Bottom All along the bay rocks near the coast (near the beach in general), down to about 12 m. Coral growth and good but sparse fishes. Below the rock on the north side of the bay a sanctuary with fringing reefs. Deeper sandy mud and gravel bottoms.
Marine Life In the sanctuary a wealth of fishes. The other coasts are very good for small marine life in the shallows (2-5 m). Whale sharks are regular visitors.
Visibility 10-20 m.
Currents Moderate to none.
Level Beginners and recreational when accompanied for the currents between the tides.