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CERIANTHIDAE - Cerianthus species


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Category Anemones
Species Cerianthus species
Common Name Tube anemone
Locality Bohol. Handayan Island. Jetafe.Philippines. 13 m. 2006
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 928055

Dive Point Information

Name Vitattus Point.
Location Bohol. Handayan Island. Jetafe.Philippines.
Date April 13, 2006
Latitude 10° 10.340 N
Longitude 124 9.808 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 14 m.
General Remarks Site Near Getape, Bohol, along the north coast. Surrounded by flat mangrove Islands with a quite dense fishermen population. Vittatus Point is in the middle of nowhere, the sea is usually flat and looks like a lake.
Facilities for Divers None, but you can get there via Mactan boats who will charge a considerable premium.
Type of Bottom Big flats with algae production. Good fauna below the ropes for the algae. Especially crabs and cowries. Then a small drop-off that ends in mud at about 18 m.
Marine Life Very wealthy: along the slopes great corals, deeper lots of gorgonians. Below 18 m starts a muddy plane with big craters from crustacea and sparse but super interesting marine life.
Visibility For this place 3 m at the bottom is wealth. Along the slope up to 4-5 m.
Currents None to moderate.
Level Advanced and professional only. The mud on the bottom is very thin and visibility is usually 2 m or less. Light is needed, even during daytime.