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POMACENTRIDAE - Amphiprion polymnus


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Category Nemos
Species Amphiprion polymnus
Common Name Saddleback Clown
Locality Cebu. Catarman. Lilo-an. Philippines. 30 m. 2006
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 933001

Dive Point Information

Name Catarman 1 Point.
Location Cebu. Catarman. Lilo-an. Philippines.
Date August 15, 2006
Latitude 10 23 21.4 N
Longitude 124 0 40.72 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 23 m.
General Remarks Site Situated in front of the northern tip of Mactan, along the coast of Cebu. Lighthouse on a promoting point in the sea. Sheltered bay from southern winds. Ugly industrial site.
Facilities for Divers The boats from Mactan can take you there. In general they will be surprised and ask a premium.
Type of Bottom Very ugly: sand and mud, sloping with huge rocks here and there covered with gorgonians. From 15 m on fine mud.
Marine Life Algae in the shallow, sparse corals. On the rocks plenty gorgonians. Mud bottom fauna with many interesting crabs, shells, Mitridae and others. Nightdives are heaven for photographers.
Visibility 8 m is heaven in this place.
Currents Moderate at the time of our visits.
Level Advanced and professionals only: the mud will limit visibility for half an hour on one passage. Nightdives dangerous.