Dive Point Information

Date May 13, 2009
Dive Point Cave Point 1.
Description 16 m.
Location Gato Island. Daanbantayan. Philippines.
Latitude 11° 26' 52.22"
Longitude 124° 01' 16.24"
Deepest Experience 16 m.
Generak Remarks Site Situated at 1 hour by boat, north of Malapascua Island. A small conical rock, coming out of the ocean and covered by palm trees. The whole Island is plenty of sea snakes, reproducing there. The rocks are needle-sharp, volcanic and access to the Island is difficult and dangerous. Two guards watch the sanctuary of snakes and marine life permanently. Mooring is difficult and the boats have to change locality during the day.
Facilities of Divers Boats from Malapascua will take you there.
Type of Bottom The Island?s shore are quite vertical going to a depth of 15-25 m where a gentle sand slope starts. Huge rocks plenty of caves. Beautiful.
Marinelife Marine life rich in soft corals, shells, crustaceans. Spectacular. The deep sand slope with nice gorgonians. Pygmy sea horses.
Visibility Most often limited to 15 m, but once we dived in 40 m clear water.
Currents Often violent.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Professional for nightdives.