Dive Point Information

Date May 26, 2009
Dive Point Cabilao Island Point.
Description 32 m. Afternoon dive.
Location Bohol. Cabilao Island. Philippines.
Latitude 9 53 7.07 N
Longitude 123 45 33.04 E
Deepest Experience Not record
Generak Remarks Site Cabilao is situated off the western shore of Bohol from which it is separated by a narrow but deep channel. A paradise for divers who love nice scenery. 2 to 2 1/2 hours by boat from Mactan Island. The southern tip of the Island is one of the most spectacular Acropora-slopes in the Philippines.
Facilities of Divers There are 2 hotels on the Island, reservation is necessary, especially during the high season. The dive-boats from Mactan will take you there on daily trips.
Type of Bottom There is a small shallow and the drop-off usually starts between 6 and 12 m deep. Super coral growth: soft corals in the shallows, hard corals a little deeper.
Marinelife Extremely rich, but not in shells. Good in nudibranches. Night dives interesting.
Visibility In general very good: 15 to 35 m.
Currents Tricky: especially on the points of the Island.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.