Dive Point Information

Date June 08, 2009
Dive Point Andol Point.
Description 15 m. Afternoon dive.
Location Bohol. Caubian Reef. Philippines.
Latitude 10° 15 56.43 N
Longitude 124° 7 41.86 E
Deepest Experience 19 m.
Generak Remarks Site ?Caubian Island? are in fact two Islands at the northeastern Island of a large coral reef that goes west and south parallell to Olango Island. One of the Islands is overpopulated - a sand flat full of nipahuts - and the other one is not inhabited but has nice rocks and soil. The diving is usually not far from the Islands, but far out in the sea along the northern drop-off.
Facilities of Divers The dive boats from Mactan will take you there on demand and with a premium.
Type of Bottom Big sand flats alternated with algae fields or great coral fields in the shallows - between 2 and 14 m deep. Drop-off starts usually at 15 m only, occasionally spectacular.
Marinelife Rich or poor, depends on the very spot.
Visibility Usually good: between 15 and 25 m.
Currents Occasionally big currents, watch the tides.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Nightdives for advanced divers only: open water.