Dive Point Information

Date June 21, 2009
Dive Point Talima Point.
Description 32 m.
Location Cebu. Olango Island. Talima. Philippines.
Latitude 10 17.032 N
Longitude 124 3.102 E
Deepest Experience 27 m.
Generak Remarks Site There is a drop-off starting between 6 and 12 m. Very vertical down to 40 m +. Above the drop-off a broad zone starting with brown algae in the shallows, sparse rocks with pure sand between-in. Short green algae to 6 m deep.
Facilities of Divers The boats from the hotels and dive-clubs of Mactan will take you there for daily trips, on demand.
Type of Bottom See General remarks.
Marinelife Good corals towards the drop-off, great marine life along the vertical drop-off. Gorgonians, corals, nudibranches. Few fishes.
Visibility 8 to 30 m on clear days.
Currents Dive on high or low tide. Between the tides violent currents.
Level Recreational. For beginners when no current.