Dive Point Information

Date August 01, 2009
Dive Point Liloan Lighthouse Point.
Description 26 m. Afternoon dive.
Location Cebu. Catarman. Lilo-an. Philippines.
Latitude 10 22 51.06 N
Longitude 124 1 11.13
Deepest Experience 29 m.
Generak Remarks Site Situated in front of the northern tip of Mactan, along the coast of Cebu. Lighthouse on a promoting point in the sea. This dive is along the not sheltered side of Lilloan.
Facilities of Divers The boats from Mactan can take you there. In general they will be surprised and ask a premium.
Type of Bottom Very ugly: sand and mud, sloping with huge rocks until 12 m, then a steep drop-off.
Marinelife Algae in the shallow, good soft corals deeper. Muddy with a variety of marine life. Average rich.
Visibility 12 m is heaven in this place.
Currents Fast at the time of our visit.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.