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  • Klaus and Christina Groh have lots of books on marine life - old and recent ones.
  • A very comprehensive listing of field guides by subject including fish.
  • Publishers and distributors of books of interest to the professional and sport scuba diver, oceanographer,maritime archaeologist, marine naturalist and scientist - indeed anyone interested in the marine world and seeking underwater books - with over 400 titles in stock. Based in Australia and service any country in the world which has a viable postal service.
  • Premiere marine wildlife book.
  • A collection of several biological textbooks that are fully available online, including Darwin's 'Origin of Species.'
  • THE BLUE is a special edition coffee table book of 200 pages. It features the work of some of the world's greatest ocean authors and underwater photographers to celebrate the year of the ocean.
  • A gallery of photographs depicting beautiful underwater scenics including kelp forests, fish schools, and coral reefs.
  • Natural History Books for the SCUBA Diver, Marine Biologist, Student and Underwater Photographer.
  • written for anyone with a general interest in marine animal life, and who would like to learn more about their way of life and behaviour, about the role they play in the drama of nature, and the benefit and nuisance they are to man.
  • Publishers of books on the underwater world including scuba diving travel guides, wreck diving, technical diving and underwater photography.
  • Facing darkness is a documentary about caves and cave diving featuring Jim Bowden, lamar Hires...
  • Sea Urchins of the Philippines, Part I In this book (the first in a series of three), 69 species that occur in the Philippine waters, are described and beautifully photographed in detail. An absolute "must have" for the sea urchin collector!
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