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Bantayan Islands. Doong Island. Philippines. Terebra Point.

Bantayan Islands. Philippines. Amahong Point.

Bantayan Islands. South Santa Fe. Philippines. Santa Fe Point.

Bantayan Islands. Yao Island. Philippines. Coros-coros Point.

Biliran. Almeria. Capi?ahan Island. Philippines. Capi?ahan 1 Point.

Biliran. Almeria. Matanggo. Philippines. Matanggo Point.

Biliran. Dalutan Island. Philippines Dalutan Point.

Biliran. Maripipi Island. Maripipi. Philippines. Maripipi Point.

Biliran. Philippines. Pawican Point.

Biliran. Tincanoan Island. Philippines. Tincanoan Point.

Bohol. Bagambanua Island. Philippines. Bagambanua Point.

Bohol. Bagambanua Island. Sand Bar. Philippines. Belgian Point.

Bohol. Bagambanua. Philippines. Sand Bank Point.

Bohol. Balicasag Island. Philippines. Balicasag 1 Point.

Bohol. Bilangbilangan Island. Philippines. Bilangbilangan Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Channel. Philippines. Cabilao Channel Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. German Rock. Philippines. German Rock Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Loon. Philippines. Edgar Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Philippines. Cabilao Island Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Polaris Resort. Philippines. Polaris Point.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Shark Cove. Philippines. Cabilao Shark Cove.

Bohol. Cabilao Island. Shark Point. Philippines. Cabilao Shark Point.

Bohol. Cabulan Island. Philippines. Cabulan Point.

Bohol. Calituban Island. Philippines. Calituban Passage Point.

Bohol. Calituban Island. Talibon. Philippines. Variable Point.

Bohol. Caubian Island. Philippines. Caubian Point.

Bohol. Caubian Reef. Philippines. Andol Point.

Bohol. Cervera Shoals. Philippines. Cervera Shoals.

Bohol. Gaus Island. Philippines. Gaus Point.

Bohol. Handayan Island. Jetafe. Philippines. Mud Point.

Bohol. Handayan Island. Jetafe.Philippines. Vitattus Point.

Bohol. Jetafe. Banacon Island. Philippines. Pecten Point.

Bohol. Jetafe. Philippines. Getape Point.

Bohol. Lapinig Island. Philippines. Aguinin Point.

Bohol. Loon. Philippines. Loon Point.

Bohol. Mahanay Island. Philippines. Mahaba Point.

Bohol. Mantatao Reef. Mantatao Island. Calape. Philippines. Mantatao 1 Point.

Bohol. Maribojoc. Philippines. Maribojoc Point.

Bohol. Nasingin Island. Philippines. Nasingin Point.

Bohol. Nasingin Island. Pipe Point. Philippines. Pipe 2 Point.

Bohol. Nocnocan Island. Philippines. Nucnucan Island Point.

Bohol. Pamilacan Island. Philippines. Pamilacan Point.

Bohol. Pandanon Channel North. Philippines. Pandanon Point.

Bohol. Pandanon Channel. Philippines. Pandanon Channel Point.

Bohol. Pandanon Island. Philippines. Pandanon Point.

Bohol. Panglao Area. Philippines. PMBP 2004 - Panglao Expedition.

Bohol. Panglao Island. Doljo. Philippines. Char Point.

Bohol. Philippines. Huagdon Point.

Bohol. San Marine Reef. Mantatao Island. Calape. Philippines. San Marine Point.

Bohol. Sandigan Island. Loon. Philippines. Sandigan 2 Point.

Bohol. Tagbilaran City. Philippines. Tagbilaran Point.

Bohol. Tenuibo Island. Carlos P Garcia. Philippines. Tinuibo Point.

Bohol. Tenuibo Island. Philippines. Tenuibo Point.

Bohol. Tuyoran Island. Philippines. Tuyoran Point.

Camotes Islands. Pacijan Island. Philippines. Pacijan Point.

Camotes Islands. Pacijan Island. Santiago Bay. Philippines. Santiago Point.

Camotes Islands. Palangangan. Philippines. Hayhayhay Resort.

Camotes Islands. Philippines. Marco Point.

Camotes Islands. Ponson Island. Philippines. Scott Point.

Camotes Islands. Poro Island. Villahermosa. Philippines. Sand Point.

Camotes Islands. Tulang Island. Philippines. Poro Point.

Camotes Sea. Calangaman Island. Philippines. Calanggaman South Point.

Carnasa Island. Philippines. Carnasa 1 Point.

Cebu. Argao. Sunken Island. Philippines. Balatic Point.

Cebu. Bogo. Philippines. Bogo Point.

Cebu. Borbon. Philippines. Borbon Point.

Cebu. Capitancillo Island. Philippines. Capitancillo Point.

Cebu. Catarman. Lilo-an. Philippines. Liloan Lighthouse Point.

Cebu. Chocolate Island. Philippines. Remora Point.

Cebu. Compostela. Philippines. Compostela Point.

Cebu. Hilutungan Island. Philippines. Hilutungan 1 Point.

Cebu. Jibitnil Island. Philippines. Jibitnil Point.

Cebu. Liloan. Philippines. Phare Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Agus. Philippines. Hadsan 1 Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Coral Point Gardens. Punta Enga?o. Philippines. Coral 2 Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Cordova. Philippines. Cordova 1 Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Hadsan. Philippines. Hadsan 1 Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Philippines. Hilton Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Plantation Bay. Philippines. Plantation Bay Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Punta Enga?o. Philippines. Coral 1 Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Suba Basbas. Philippines. Suba Basbas Point.

Cebu. Mactan Island. Sulpa. Philippines. Sulpa Point.

Cebu. Mainit. Bato. Oslob. Philippines. Mainit Point.

Cebu. Maya. Daanbantayan. Philippines. Maya Littoral Point.

Cebu. Moalboal. Pescador Island. Philippines. Pescador Point.

Cebu. Moalboal. Philippines. Casai Point.

Cebu. Moalboal. Sunken Island. Philippines. Sunken Point.

Cebu. Olango Channel. Philippines. Olango Channel Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Bari. Philippines. Bari Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Cahors. Philippines. Cahors Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Nalang Bo Plate. Philippines. Nalang Bo Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Philippines. Olango Island Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Santa Rosa. Philippines. Santa Rosa Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Shark Point. Philippines. Olango Shark Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Sitio Suba. Sabang. Philippines. Ziczac Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Talima. Philippines. Talima Point.

Cebu. Olango Island. Tongsan. Philippines. Tongsan Point.

Cebu. Oslob. Sumilon Island. Philippines. Sumilon 1 Point.

Cebu. Philippines. Mahinhing Point.

Cebu. Ponson Island. Pilar. Philippines. Pilar Point.

Cebu. San Remigio. Philippines. San Remigio Point.

Cebu. Santander. Philippines. Ta?on 1 Point.

Cebu. Sogod. Philippines. Sogod Point.

Cebu. Tabogon. Philippines Tabogon Point.

Cebu. Tabogon. Philippines. Tabogon Point.

Cebu. Talong Island. Philippines. Talong Point.

Danajun Island. White Sand beach. Philippines. Danajun Point.

Dinagat. Danaon Island. Philippines. Danaon Point.

Dinagat. Hagakhak Island. Surigao del Norte. Philippines. Hagakhak Point.

Dinagat. Kanihaan Island. Surigao del Norte. Philippines. Kanihaan Point.

Dinagat. Kayabangan Island. Surigao del Norte. Philippines. Kayabangan Point.

Dinagat. Libjo. Philippines. Pelotes Point.

Dinagat. Philippines. Escondaha Point.

Dinagat. Sibanac Island. Philippines. Sibanac Point.

Dinagat. Surigao del Norte. Philippines. Panamauan Point.

Dinagat. Unbib Island. Philippines. Unib Point.

Dinagat. Viray Island. Philippines. Viray Point.

Gato Island. Daanbantayan. Philippines. Gato Point.

Guimaras Island. Igang. Nueva Valencia. Philippines. Igang Point.

Guimaras Island. Onisan Island. Nueva Valencia. Philippines. Onisan Point.

Guimaras. Naburot Island. Sinapsapan. Jordan. Philippines. Naburot Point.

Guintarcan Island. Philippines. Guintarcan Point.

Leyte. Albuera. Balugo. Philippines. Balugo Point.

Leyte. Albuera. Philippines. Albuera Point.

Leyte. Apale. Isabel. Philippines. Apale Point.

Leyte. Burgos. Philippines. Burgos Point.

Leyte. Calubihan Island. Carigara. Philippines. Calubihan Point.

Leyte. Calunangan. Merida. Philippines. Calunangan Point.

Leyte. Canigao Island. Matalom. Philippines. Canigao 2 (Kinegoa) Point.

Leyte. Capoocan. Philippines. Osme?a Point.

Leyte. Gigantangan Island. Calubian. Philippines. Gigantangan Point.

Leyte. Liloan. Philippines. Liloan Leyte Point.

Leyte. Limasawa Island. Philippines. Limasawa Point.

Leyte. Matlang. Isabel. Philippines. Matlang 1 Point.

Leyte. Owak Bay. Philippines. Owak Point.

Leyte. Palompon. Philippines. Palompon Point.

Leyte. Panaon Island. Pintuyan. Philippines. Pintuyan Point.

Leyte. Philippines. Labao Point.

Leyte. San Isidro Point. Philippines. San Isidro Point.

Leyte. San Juan. Burgos. Philippines. San Juan Point.

Leyte. San Roque. Philippines. San Roque Point.

Leyte. Tancaan. Philippines. Tancaan Point.

Leyte. Tubod. Isabel. Philippines. Tubod Leyte Point.

Malapascua Island. Chocolate Island. Philippines. Chocolate Point.

Malapascua Island. Daanbantayan. Philippines. Malapascua Point.

Malapascua Island. Off the coast of the Malapascua Lighthouse.Philippines. Malapascua Lighthouse Point.

Malapascua Island. South. Philippines. South Malapascua Point.

Masbate. Aroroy. Philippines. Lobster Rock Point.

Masbate. Jintotolo Island. Balud. Philippines. Jintotolo Point.

Masbate. Looc. Balud. Philippines. Looc Point.

Masbate. Mandaon. Philippines. Mandaon Point.

Mindanao. Aliguay Island. Philippines. Aliguay Point.

Mindanao. Surigao. Philippines. Billaa Point.

Negros Occidental. Cauayan. Agutayan Island. Baluta. Philippines. Agutayan Point.

Negros Occidental. Sipalay. Anajauan Island. Cartagena. Philippines. Anajuan Point.

Negros Oriental. Apo Island. Chapel. Philippines. Chapel Point.

Negros Oriental. Apo Island. Dauin. Marine Sanctuary. Philippines. Sanctuary Point.

Negros Oriental. Apo Island. Dauin. Philippines. Apo Point.

Negros. Bonbonon. Siaton. Negros Oriental. Philippines. Bonbonon Point.

Negros. Dauin. Negros Oriental. Philippines. Dauin Point.

Negros. Siit Bay. Mangrove. Philippines. Siit Mangrove Point.

Negros. Siit Bay. Philippines. Siit 2 Point.

Negros. Sipalay City. Negros Occidental. Philippines. Bulunguisan Point.

Panay. Batbatan Island. Antique. Culasi. Philippines. Batbatan 1 Point.

Panay. Boracay Island. Manoc-Manoc. Malay. Aklan. Philippines. Manoc Manoc Point.

Panay. Buruanga. Aklan. Philippines. Buruanga 1 Point.

Panay. Buruanga. Aklan. Philippines.. Buruanga 2 Point.

Panay. Caridad. Culasi. Antique. Philippines. Caridad 1 Point.

Panay. Guia. Pandan. Antique. Philippines. Sandy Bar Point.

Panay. Malalison Island. Culasi. Antique. Philippines. Malalison 1 Point.

Panay. Nogas Island. Anini-y. Antique. Philippines. Nogas Point.

Panay. San Antonio. Barbaza. Antique. Philippines. San Antonio Point.

Quatro Islands. Apit Island. Philippines. Apit Point.

Quatro Islands. Didgo Island. Philippines. Didgo Point.

Quatro Islands. Himuquitan Island. Philippines. Himuquitan Point.

Samar. Pudan Island. Camoro. Osme?a. Philippines. Pudan Point.

Silinoek Island. Philippines. Silinoek Point.

Siquijor. Cambalaguio Point. San Juan. Philippines. Oloy 1 Point.

Siquijor. Cambuhaya Falls. Lazi. Philippines. Cambuhaya Falls.

Siquijor. Lalao. San Juan. Philippines. Coco Grove Point.

Siquijor. Lazi. Philippines. Lazi Point.

Siquijor. Maria. Philippines. Maria Bay Point.

Siquijor. Philippines. Siquijor Pier Point.

Siquijor. San Juan. Philippines. San Juan 1 Point.

Siquijor. Tag-ibo. Philippines. Tag-ibo Point.

Siquijor. Tongo. Philippines. C?cile Point.

Ticao. Famosi Bay. Monreal. Philippines. Famosi Point.

Ticao. Ginadap. San Miguel. Monreal. Philippines. Ginadap Point.

Ticao. Lagondi. Philippines Lagondi Point.

Ticao. Lapus-Lapus Island. Ticao. Monreal. Philippines. Lapus Lapus Point.

Ticao. Manta Bowl. Philippines. Manta Bowl Point.

Ticao. Odoc Island. Ticao. Monreal. Philippines. Odoc Point.

Ticao. San Jacinto. Philippines. San Jacinto Point.

Ticao. San Miguel. Monreal. Philippines. San Miguel Point.