Dive Point Information

Date May 12, 2009
Dive Point Lapus Lapus Point.
Description 18 m. Afternoon dive.
Location Ticao. Lapus-Lapus Island. Ticao. Monreal. Philippines.
Latitude 12 40.535 N
Longitude 123 36.056 E
Deepest Experience 0 m.
Generak Remarks Site On the tip of Ticao Island. Fantastic scenery of rocky Islands with palm trees on top, flat sea at the time of our visit.
Facilities of Divers None.
Type of Bottom Sloping rocks and sand plateaus. Covered with diversity of corals, not very good but rich and plenty of marine life.
Marinelife Special for fishes, few shells.
Visibility 12 m.
Currents Quite heavy.
Level Recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.