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ALCYONIIDAE - Eleutherobia species


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Category Soft corals
Species Eleutherobia species
Locality Cebu. Hilutungan Island. Philippines. 26 m. 2005
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 914817

Dive Point Information

Name Hilutungan 1 Point.
Location Cebu. Hilutungan Island. Philippines.
Date May 12, 2005
Latitude 10° 12.434 N
Longitude 123 59.068 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 27 m.
General Remarks Site At half an hour from the central coast of Mactan Island, a prolongation of the Olango plateau. Small Island with a superb reef to the Mactan side, declared sanctuary around 1998 and now one of the best spots for fish in the Philippines. A restaurant is installing today on the Island, near the sanctuary. Very popular among divers: an average day will get the visit of over 250 divers and even more snorkelers. The fish are not shy.
Facilities for Divers Beloved spot of the dive clubs on Mactan Island. A fee is due and has to be purchased in advance in Cebu city.
Type of Bottom The shallows with clear sand and nice hard corals. A drop-off starts between 6 and 8 m, quite vertical.
Marine Life Plenty of fishes. The rest of the marine life is poor, because eaten by the fishes.
Visibility In general good: 15 to 30 m on clear days.
Currents Moderate but occasionally quite strong.
Level Beginners and recreational when accompanied. Nightdives forbidden.