Philippe Poppe

As a young boy, Philippe made his first dive at the age of 10 offshore Marseille, France and was fascinated at once by the marine world. After his studies which included graphics, he became a marketing specialist in one of the world’s largest Internet companies.

Philippe was always fascinated by computer technologies, photography and nature, and he accompanied his father on many trips worldwide which allowed him to dive in many remote and exotic places.

For years, Philippe collaborated in the publishing of books authored by Poppe & Goto and the more recent series “A Conchological Iconography”.

In 2003, he moved permanently to the Philippines where he runs his own business.

With over 400 dives during the last 3 years, he has had many opportunities in discovering the Philippine fauna and some of its rarest creatures

He photographed  with:

  • Sony P100 with Ikelite DS50 Strobe.
  • Nikon D70 in Seacam housing with Ikelite DS125 Strobe.