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Category Jellyfishes
Species Genus species
Locality Bohol. Nasingin Island. Philippines. 28 m. 2008
Photographer Guido Poppe
Picture ID 964765

Dive Point Information

Name Nasingin Point.
Location Bohol. Nasingin Island. Philippines.
Date August 11, 2008
Latitude 10° 14' 46.67"
Longitude 124° 13' 12.44"

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 1 m.
General Remarks Site Padanon (Pandakan) Island is situated at the far end of the Caubian plateau, between Hilutungan and Olango Island. There is a small village of fishermen at the western end of the Island, the eastern end has a superb sand flat which is a heaven at low tide for sight viewers and beach lovers. A fee to go on land is asked. The channel between Pandanon Island and the Islands in front (part of Bohol) is shallow. Pipe point is situated on the Bohol side of the channel, along the coast of Massinging Island.
Facilities for Divers None. Boats from Mactan can bring you there, but they will charge a premium.
Type of Bottom In front of the village we could not dive because the villagers claimed it a sanctuary. We suspect they wanted money. Tiger point, on the other side of the channel is great diving for naturalists, very ugly when it comes to recreational diving. There is a huge flat at 6 m with mud-sand and coral boulders, full of shells, mainly bivalves. Then a small drop-off to 16-18 m deep where a kilometers wide sand and mud flat starts.
Marine Life Very plentifull: shells, soft corals, hard corals, gorgonians, nudibranches, crabs, anemones and other things. Typical for mud bottoms. Nighttime dives are spectacular in marine life.
Visibility Between 3 and 8 m at best.
Currents Can be violent. One one occasion we came out several kilometer form the boat.
Level Advanced and professional diving only, especially during nighttime.