Dive Point Information

Date May 12, 2009
Dive Point Malapascua Lighthouse Point.
Description 11 m. Night dive.
Location Malapascua Island. Off the coast of the Malapascua Lighthouse.Philippines.
Latitude 11 20 56.20 N
Longitude 124 6 25.54 E
Deepest Experience 12 m.
Generak Remarks Site Malapascua is situated between the north tip of Cebu and Biliran Island (northern Leyte). The small Island is quite flat with sandy beaches and palm trees. Plenty of hotels and a few fishermen. Famous diving spot in the central Philippines, formerly known for sharks, but when the divers arrived in quantity, the sharks left. Still a few treshers to see on boat excursions. See google for more info. The Lighthouse is famous for the mandarine fishes.
Facilities of Divers Plenty facilities. Clean hotels, not very top but OK. Few restaurants.
Type of Bottom All around the Island sand bottoms with coral patches and rocks. Very nice in the shallows. Deeper sand with algae and occasional coral patches.
Marinelife Very rich and diverse: especially in invertebrates a paradise. Other famous items are sea horses and mandarine fishes.
Visibility Average to good. 15 to 25 m. Deep on the north coast : 8- 15 at 20 m.
Currents In general weak, occasionally heavy. Especially offshore dangerous.
Level Beginners and recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.