Dive Point Information

Date May 27, 2009
Dive Point Lazi Point.
Description 29 m. Night dive.
Location Siquijor. Lazi. Philippines.
Latitude 9 7.282 N
Longitude 123 38.802 E
Deepest Experience 26 m.
Generak Remarks Site Siquijor is a splendid Island situated between Negros, Bohol and Mindanao. Its waters are clear and rich in hard corals. The Island has several tourist attractions such as a superb tropical but artificial forest, falls, caves and others. Lazi is a small town in the centre of a huge bay almost at the eastern point of the Island.
Facilities of Divers None.
Type of Bottom The bay of Lazi is sandy. There are mangroves along the coast and shallow algae fields. At 15 m the gently sloping bottom becomes more muddy, to be pure fine mud at a depth of 30 m and plus. Along the eastern side also rocks and a steep slope, corals and mud fauna.
Marinelife Special: good soft corals in the shallow ont the eastern side, deeper typical mud fauna with interesting crustacea and mollusca. Nightdives upper interesting.
Visibility 8 to 15 m only.
Currents In the bay most often weak.
Level Advanced and professionals only. The visibility is bad, the slopes are tricky, the mud limits sight when moving around. Nightdives dangerous.