Dive Point Information

Date May 29, 2009
Dive Point Aliguay Point.
Description 20 m. Afternoon dive.
Location Mindanao. Aliguay Island. Philippines.
Latitude 8 44.500 N
Longitude 123 13.424 E
Deepest Experience 7 m.
Generak Remarks Site Aliguay Islad is a small Island, a few km in diameter, situated offshore Dipolog, Mindanao. It takes about 2 hours by banka from Apo Island and 3 hours from Siquijor. The area is a little unsafe for unconventional boats.
Facilities of Divers None.
Type of Bottom We did only one nightdive on the western side of the Island. The bottom was clear coral sand with huge rocks and coral formations.
Marinelife Rich in small invertebrates.
Visibility 20 m.
Currents None.
Level Advanced for nightdives.