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CHROMODORIDIDAE - Risbecia tryoni

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Category Sea slugs
Species Risbecia tryoni
Common Name Tryon's Risbecia
Locality Camotes Islands. Pacijan Island. Santiago Bay. Philippines. 5 m. 2004
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 904179

Dive Point Information

Name Santiago Point.
Location Camotes Islands. Pacijan Island. Santiago Bay. Philippines.
Date September 18, 2004
Latitude 10 35.175 N
Longitude 124 18.250 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience Not record
General Remarks Site Santiago Bay is situated at the south coast of Pacijan Island. Beautiful scenery of small bays cut into the rocky coast. Santiago Bay itself is about 2 km long and has a superb sand beach. Pacijan north is the area along the coast directed to Cebu (west coast)
Facilities for Divers There is a resort on the western side of the Bay, but no diving facilities.
Type of Bottom Algae in the shallows, fringing reefs with between sand channels. The whole extends several hundred meters into the sea, at 20 m + a clear sand bottom. Along the west coast sand bottoms, gently sloping with sparse corals.
Marine Life Lots of soft corals, few gorgonians. On the eastern side of the bay hard corals, quite dense.
Visibility 15-25 m.
Currents Moderate in general, occasionally quite strong.
Level Beginners and recreational when accompanied. Advanced for nightdives.