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CYSTISCIDAE - Crithe species

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Category Shells
Species Crithe species
Locality Cebu. Mactan Island. Punta Enga?o. Philippines. 12 m. 2006
Photographer Philippe Poppe
Picture ID 937678

Dive Point Information

Name Ovulidae Point.
Location Cebu. Mactan Island. Punta Enga?o. Philippines.
Date October 7, 2006
Latitude 10 20.122 N
Longitude 124 02.553 E

Dive Information Detail

Deepest Experience 37 m.
General Remarks Site Today nice green along the coast with a few squatters and small boats. Rocky. Broad shallow with drop-off at 8 m.
Facilities for Divers The boats from Mactan can take you there on demand.
Type of Bottom Nice soft and hard corals in the shallows. Drop off poor, but becomes gradually rich, especially from 20 m on rich in gorgonians.
Marine Life Very rich, critter paradise, several species of Ovulidae. Few fishes.
Visibility 5 to 8 m. Often not clear near the surface, but from 8 m deep OK.
Currents Occasionally violent.
Level Recreational and up when no current.